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Web Site Development - Database

Allows the information in your site to be updated instantly ...

Database sites are ideal for holding changing details of your products, such as price, availability, location, delivery date, etc. Unlike static and dynamic sites, database sites can be updated instantly to show changes within products - e.g. the location of a parcel can change by the minute.

Often a database site will be combined with an eCommerce site. However a database site by itself is suitable for customers who hold an account with you, e.g., to allow trade customers to check their invoices, track their orders, etc.

What can we do for you?

  • design the required database
  • develop the database access
  • implement validation methods, e.g. an account number and password
  • implement secure communication, where the customer provided information is encrypted, i.e. converted mathematically into numbers, and then securely transmitted over the Internet
  • arrange hosting that allows databases and secure communications

If you are interested in the development of a web site, please contact us for further information.

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