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About us

Soft Experts is an offshore web development company. We are situated in Pakistan. Pakistan is a human resource rich country. We have an ample supply of excellent high technology human resource. Traditionally most of these people used to migrate to other countries in an attempt to learn the best in their own fields.

Pakistan is one of the most cost effective countries for software development. As the country makes its transition to a developed country, our hard working and intelligent people give us an enormous advantage in the global marketplace. With technology institutes popping up all across the country producing bundles of trained professionals, Internet becoming a toy in the hands of even kindergarten kids, a strong desire for people to work hard and an aura of success in the air make our macro and microeconomic conditions ideal for developing software for the west where just the salaries are many times local salaries. With a shortage of technical people in the west and America it is a win-win situation for all of us. We however expect this margin to fade out as local salaries will approach those in the west in the next decade or two but in the mean while the advantage exists.

Our mission remains to be the bridge between the pools of local supply and worldwide demand of high technology people.

We have been moderately successful so far in convincing people that off site software development is a viable option and that it is grossly cost efficient if done properly. In the days to come we expect offshore software development to only increase to unforeseen proportions as the success stories reach more and more decision makers, competition makes it virtually impossible for managers to compete without an unfair advantage, and more and more local companies perform better and better in delivering what is committed; on time, on specs and way below the budget. When that time comes, we would like to be the forerunners...

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