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Quick Quote

If you have any kind of job or project, this is the place to get a quote for it. We do not expect a detailed project plan laid out before we can even talk about prices. If we can't give out an exact quote, we will still give you ball park prices telling you what it is going to cost you at the end of the day.

  • If you like we may suggest you the technology you should use and tell you the reasons for our preferences.

  • We will keep in mind future scalability issues (hoping that your product will get lots of traffic) and will suggest what little things you should keep in your design today that will make scaling to more servers or larger databases seamless later.

  • We will give you modular costs and will design modules in a way that if you are budget constrained, you can choose a subset of the total functionality at start and will still be able to add the rest of it later.

Just copy/paste the initial project plan, or detailed project specifications in the space below and we will contact you shortly with the project proposal.

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